Merchants of KCP may process the changes in status of the purchase using this page. For virtual accounts, the billing amount must be deposited into the virtual account by the buyer to complete the payment.

Since it cannot be checked whether the amount was deposited by the buyer on the payment processing web page, the deposit result for the purchase concerned is separately sent by NHN KCP to Merchants upon deposit of payment.

As a result, Merchants can process the changed status of their payment through this page.

※ The webhook_return page of the Merchants’ server must be registered to Merchant Portal [Account Management – Information Change – webhook URL Information]to allow notification regarding the purchase result.
If the URL of the webhook_return page is not registered on this page, KCP will not be able to send the data separately.

※ Data is transmitted to the common_return pages of Merchants by NHN KCP from the following IP addresses.
Please check the IP addresses shown below to make sure that the data transmitted through other paths are not included in the results processing.

Webhook Server IP

DescriptionServer Info
NHN KCP Notification Test Server IP ADDRESS210.122.176.144
NHN KCP KCP Notification Server IP ADDRESS 1103.215.144.173
NHN KCP KCP Notification Server IP ADDRESS 2103.215.144.174

※ Firewall accessing for the above IP must be allowed in advance.

Webhook Parameter Guide

Virtual Account Parameter



A parameter for the name of a buyer



A parameter for the actual deposited amount
※ Warning – If the remitter deposited a different amount than the billing amount, NHN KCP will notify Merchants of the deposited amount through the Webhook page and settle the payment with the deposited amount. During DB processing in this page, please check to see if the billing amount and the deposited amount differ. (No refund process by NHN KCP)



A parameter for the sum of money deposited
For one-time use virtual account, the same amount as ipgm_mnyx will be notified, but for permanent virtual account, the total amount deposited will be notified.



A parameter for the time of the deposit.



A parameter that shows the bank code of the bank of the virtual account.
Hyphen (-) can be included



A parameter that shows the virtual account number used for the deposit



A parameter where a unique value is given to each of the deposit Webhooks for virtual account.
※ Warning – for virtual accounts, several Webhooks may be issued for 1 purchase.
e.g.) If the customer deposits payment to the virtual account and later requests the bank to cancel the deposit, the bank will transmit a cancellation Webhook to KCP (withdrawal from one-time virtual account impossible). In this case, the Merchants concerned will be notified once for the payment deposit and for the second time for the deposit cancellation.



This refers to the classification code given for the result of processing deposits to virtual accounts.
Deposit to virtual accounts may be canceled using the common bank network. Please check the classification status of the virtual account through this parameter.
virtual account through this parameter.
All cases excluding op_cd=‘13’ should be processed as deposit.



A parameter that shows the name of the remitter who deposited the billing amount to virtual account.
The name of the remitter may be different from the name of the buyer, so please check



Cash Receipt transaction number returned after payment is completed for Cash Receipt registration request when issuing the virtual account

Webhook Parameter



Merchant ID



transaction number



Order number



Code used to identify the task Webhook
Virtual Account Deposit – TX00



The time that the processing of the notified task was completed.



A parameter that shows whether the results data transmitted by KCP were properly received by the Merchants server. Set the result value as ‘0000’ (input as the form value) for successful receipt and processing of the result data by the Merchants server, and set an arbitrary value for unsuccessful processing.
Merchants server, and set an arbitrary value for unsuccessful processing.
If the result value is not ‘0000’, NHN KCP Webhook server will re-transmit the same Webhook.

Simulated Deposit Page

NHN KCP provides the [Simulated Deposit Page] for testing issuance of virtual accounts only.

In the Simulated Deposit Page, the status of ‘Pending Deposit’ can be changed to ‘Deposit Complete’ through KCP transaction number and virtual account number. Receiving successful deposit data can be checked through deposit Webhook URL.

The Simulated Deposit Page is only available for transactions within the test server and cannot be used for actual payments. It can be accessed through the URL below.

Access Simulated Deposit Page "https://devadmin.kcp.co.kr/Modules/Noti/TEST_Vcnt_Noti.jsp"