Get Started

API Integration Preparations

site_cd issued by NHN KCP is required for API integration.

- site_cd : T0000

The above data example is the test code and test key value provided by default.

For the issuance of the production environment site code, please issue it after receiving it through a new application on the website.

※ When applying to an production website, be sure to check the site code and site key received by the linked email.

Payment Window Configuration

SSL/TLS versions lower than TLS 1.2 are not supported due to security requirement.

Please check whether the HTTP client environment of the merchant server supports TLS1.2

① PC Version OS : Windows & Mac

② PC Version Browser : IE(Ver. 9 ~), Firefox (Ver. 27.0 ~), Chrome (Ver. 30.0 ~), Safari (Ver0 7.0 ~), Opera (Ver. 60~)

③ Mobile Version OS: Android( Ver. 5.0(Lollipop) ~), IOS(Ver. 9.0 ~)

④ Mobile Version Browser : Smartphone default browser

※ With MAC, some transactions may not be processed due to security regulations of card issuers or finance institutions.

※ The lowest supported browser may be changed according to the browser policy

Firewall Information

The following domains and ports must be whitelisted with inbound/outbound with merchant firewall setting.

Please check whether the HTTP client environment of the merchant server supports TLS 1.2

HTTPS Payment page

- Prod :
- Test :

Registering Mobile Transaction

- Prod :
- Test :

NHN KCP Server Certificate

For API approval processing, server authentication using NHN KCP issued certificate is required.

Please refer to the Server-Certificate Menu for the authenticate procedure.


When the payment module is called from the iframe n the merchant order page, it may not work properly in Chrome browser and IE due to the browser security policy.

When launching the service after development, Test Environment must be set to Production Environment. We are not responsible for any loss caused by not changing from Test Environment to Production Environment.

KCP does not provide solution to interlink KCP response data to merchant database.
(Managing the database processing is the sole responsibility of the Merchants, only the data on payment response for interlinking databases is provided)

There may be an error triggered if the requesting site_cd is different from the approved site_cd Please ensure that the requesting and approved site_cd are the same.

lib, sample

Please refer to "Download" page for Libraries and Samples needed for integration.